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Multicyclone Dust Collectors

Boiler & Steam Systems, LLC. manufactures a line of Custom Multicyclones for use on wood and solid fuel boilers. With a Custom Multicyclone design we can meet one or more of the following requirements.

  1. Low-pressure drop thru the Multicyclone Dust Collectors
  2. Fit into small or unusual existing space
  3. Allow for highly abrasive dusts
  4. Allow for fast inspection and casting changes
  5. Design for higher airflow
  6. Design to prevent plugging
  7. Design for future capacity increase or decrease
  8. Design for field bolt up assembly
  9. Design for higher cleaning efficiency

We offer a super duty ceramic collector for external abrasion.

We also rework and repair existing Multicyclones to improve efficiency, reduce pressure drop, or just to replace a worn out unit. The life expectancy of Multicyclone Castings depends on a great number of functions. Multicyclone Castings can wear out in as little as 7 years and last as long as 30 years in continuous service. Generally 12 to 15 years is a typical life for a Multicyclone Casting.

Multicyclone Castings longevity can be extended by use of harder alloys, proper sizing, and with precision castings. Ceramic castings are also available.

We provide Multicyclone System consulting to detect and correct high-pressure drop, accelerated wear, and low separation efficiency. We also can provide high quality replacement Multicyclone Castings for all major brands of Multicyclone Dust Collectors . Please call us if you are having a problem with your Custom Multicyclone System.

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