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Boiler Blowdown Evaporator for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Waste Water Disposal with Zero Liquid Discharge

As you know, we are facing tighter and tighter rules on discharging of Industrial Waste Water. In many cases these liquid wastes are just water and small percentage of a contaminating substance. We cannot discharge these liquids to storm sewers, creeks, or septic tanks, as we have in the past. Many liquid waste streams are now being addressed as potentially harmful to the environment and our salmon/steelhead runs, or our ground water supply’s. Zero liquid discharge is a difficult concept to implement 100%, but with the simple, low maintenance design of our Waste Water Disposal System, we can help your plant deal with a number of your current waste streams.

We have developed this simple Industrial Waste Water Disposal System to evaporate your liquid waste (typically 99% water) and leave a dry solid cake behind. The Industrial Waste Water System is reliable and has no electrical controls. To start the process, all you will need to do is open a few valves, then every six to twelve months, open the vessel and shovel out the solids left behind.

This Industrial Waste Water Treatment technology is effective for waste streams from 300 – 24,000 gallons per day. Below is a list of liquid streams that have used this approach:

  1. Boiler Blowdown
  2. Kiln Water (from the wood)
  3. Wash Down Water
  4. Drainage from Sumps & Pits
  5. Process Water
If you have other waste streams that concern you, please call us to discuss your application.

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