Woodburning Info
Company Focus

Supply and manufacturing of wood energy systems. System consulting to improve efficiency and lower emissions.

Turnkey Wood Waste Gasification and combustion Systems 3,000 #/hr to 300,000 #/hr Saturated or Superheated Steam

Multicyclone auditing and system analysis.

Turnkey Flue Gas Cleaning Systems for Wood Waste Boilers

Rebuilding of Boiler Flue Gas Cleaning Equipment

Design Steam Distribution and Steam Utilization Systems

Increasing Boiler Efficiency and Reducing Fuel Costs

System analysis-Fatal flaw analysis-Risk minimization, Due diligence.

We Manufacture:

Multicyclone Dust CollectorsWood Waste Gasifiers
High Temperature Dust CollectorsWood Fired Boilers
Boiler Blowdown EvaporatorsRetrofit Boiler Gasifiers
Wood Fired Air Heaters  

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